Elliott Gould stars in Jack Gold’s thought provocative sci-fi/cold war thriller "WHO?"  While visiting the Soviet Union, American scientist Lucas Martino (Joseph Bova, SERPICO) is nearly killed in a car accident.  The Russians are only able to save Martino's brain and eyes, and to keep that alive, they ingeniously create a cyborg humanoid body.   This functioning and thinking 'robo-man' in a metallic body is released back to the Americans six months later.   However, when FBI agent Sean Rogers (Elliott Gould, M.A.S.H., THE LONG GOODBYE, CAPRICORN ONE) realizes that Martino had been in the medical care of his old rival Colonel Azarin (Trevor Howard, RYAN'S DAUGHTER, MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY) after the accident, he suspects that this cyborg replicant may not really be the true Martino after all.   He must determine the metallic man’s true identity and motive - and if it's not Martino, WHO is it?  Based on the popular sci-fi novel "WHO?" by Algis Budrys, with great supporting turns by James Noble (tv's BENSON) and Edward Grover (tv's BARETTA), and masterfully directed by Jack Gold (THE MEDUSA TOUCH), "WHO?" will keep you guessing until its clever and suspenseful conclusion. 


Brand New 16x9 (1.78:1) widescreen master
Audio commentary by director Jack Gold, moderated by film historian Anthony Sloman 
Scene specific commentary with star Elliott Gould

On camera interview with star Edward Grover
Region 0