It's a nonstop vacation celebration with The Beach Girls. The beautiful Sarah heads for the beach to spend a few weeks quietly working on her tan and relaxing peacefully at her Uncle Carl's palatial beach house in Malibu. But when her rowdy girlfriends Ginger and Ducky show up unannounced and ready to party, Uncle Carl's serene beach retreat turns into a loud, rip-roaring celebration that would make even a Roman orgy pale by comparison. Celebrate summer and sun with a slew of frolicking beach bunnies and some good old-fashioned outrageous hot-tubbin' fun! Now in a brand new HD master from the original camera negatives! This will be available on BluRay and DVD.


A group of hikers are victims of an ironic twist of fate when wildlife reigns terror over them in this fang-baring suspense film. The hikers have convened in the woods of Northern California for a two-week camping trip. Soon, they are attacked by wild animals that have gone insane due to the depletion of the ozone layer. Now see this cult classic from a brand new HD master in 2.35:1 16x9 widescreen, from the original IP, for the first time in its proper presentation anywhere in the world! This title will be available in both BR and SD.


On the quiet campus of the remotely-located SouthWestern University, something strange is happening. All of the dogs in the area, once loyal, gentle pets, are now banding together in wild packs and hunting down their former masters. Could the strange transformation have anything to do with the secret government experiements being conducted in the school's physics laboratory? More importantly, can the dogs be stopped before it's too late? Starring DAVID MCCALLUM, this will be available on BluRay and DVD


Though it's been a year since her death, Ed (Steve Buscemi) is still pining over his deceased mother (Miriam Margolyes). Enter a firm called Happy People Ltd, which for a hefty fee will bring Ed's mom back to life. He ponies up the money, and miracle of miracles, mother returns. At first all is bliss. But eventually dead old mom begins acting very strangely. Her habit of eating bugs is only the tip of a bizarre iceberg. Can things get any weirder? The supporting cast includes the likes of Ned Beatty and John Glover.


Giant, killer grizzly terrorizes a state park! This horror classic will be available in both BR and SD.


Horror anthology loosely based on the works of horror novelist R. Chetwynd-Hayes. A horror author is invited by a suave vampire (Vincent Price) to accompany him to the title establishment, where he observes the secret social customs of various species of monsters -- which apparently include drinking, dancing, and watching undead strippers remove more than just their clothing. He is also made privy to the mating patterns of these creatures, and three bizarre tales are told over the evening. Also starring Donald Pleasence, Richard Johnson, Simon Ward, Britt Ekland, John Carradine, Anthony Steel and Stuart Whitman. This will be vailable both BD and SD.


A prim and proper Englishman is hired as the tutor to the son of the Japanese ambassador. His life changes when he and the boy are kidnapped by terrorists for political purposes. Starring screen greats DAVID NIVEN and TOSHIRO MIFUNE..


Forget your troubles and swing into action with the beautiful pom pom girls in this fast-paced story about high school seniors enjoying a final fling before graduation. The carefree and scandalous antics of these kids indulging themselves before they enter adulthood is pure spontaneous fun. Will the handsome womanizer Jesse win over radiant pom pom girl Laurie? Will the kids' crazy antics get them in trouble? Will the delectable pom pom girls get their kicks? The original R rated cut in 16x9 widescreen, This will be available on BluRay and DVD!


A man comes into possession of an ancient Aztec doll. However, the doll is possessed by an evil spirit, which takes over his body.


Coleman Buckmaster (Academy Award® nominee Harvey Keitel) is an ambitious young music producer with A-Kord Records. In the midst of recording an up-and-coming group (played by Earth, Wind and Fire), he is directed by the president of the record company to concentrate all of his efforts, against his wishes, on an unknown music trio The Pages, The pressures and corruption of the recording industry begin to weigh him down and ultimately force his to make crucial decisions impacting the success of The Pages,the group and even his own relationships. Produced and directed by Sig Shore (producer of Superfly). This will be available on BluRay and DVD


Tomasina "Tommy" Boyd (Betsy Russell) has always been a tomboy. She'd rather tinker with cars and play baseball than dress up dolls. She tried to be the son her father always wanted. Now all grown up, Tommy works as a mechanic at Chester's garage. While working on racecars for racing entrepreneur Junior Leeds, she meets race car driver Randy Star. She is attracted to Randy and hopes for a romantic relationship when her race car driving skills are spotted by Junior and his partner. They offer Tommy a job racing against her new love, Randy. Who will win, and will the competition move this new romance across the finish line? This will be available on BluRay and DVD


When a nude, crazed woman slaughters a sailor who visits the island. When she is taken back to civilization and an ancient relic is discovered, an expedition is mounted to solve the mystery of the island which leads to a series of psycho-sexual murders. This title will be available both in BD and SD.